There is a lotus leaf in favor of weight loss substance that is called "Ho leaf base, it forms an insulating film on the walls of the fat, to prevent the formation of fat, plus roses cosmetic effect, so you detoxify. whole grains all contain a lot of dietary fiber, dietary fiber can clean up these intestinal waste, help intestinal peristalsis, so that the intestinal wall cleaner, more whole grains of barley belongs to the class, I often drink barley tea can prevent obesity. propolis peach tea to lose weight are light, through the meridians, water swelling, conditioning organs, detoxification, soothing grace in losing weight at the same time, people looking pale rosy and elastic. tire chrysanthemum is a traditional Chinese medicine among the herbs, then soak tires chrysanthemum tea, adding feverfew, can work together to play a role in detoxification, when the wall of garbage and Baiju Qing Li Ju after tire does not want to lean immune.

meizitang botanical slimming Lead to overstaffing. In times of organ style inspection, when playing video games, drink tea and chat, preparation sweater phenomenon has occurred. This is just not good staff work style? Style is certainly one reason, but the main reason is nothing to do. Remember that occurred last year because there is no work to be done together with the units of the civil court, ask for "right to work" the news report on it. This suggests a direct result of bloated bodies bloated phenomenon. Led to the phenomenon of empty rates. The occurrence of eating empty rates, although there are components of the transaction which is also corroborated an unavoidable problem: too much preparation or organs. Why can eat empty rates? This is unreasonable and unscientific authorities prepared 10 individual can do the job, but it happens to the 20 people to do it. This gives eat empty rates provided the soil, if the preparation is not so "surplus", then a carrot a pit, eat empty rates have no chance. Cause Excellencies hard to drop. During the two sessions, representatives said the bus reform is the best way to compress Excellencies consumption. This is actually just saw a little, to reduce public spending, but also to reduce staff. Bloated, a lot of people have to eat a meal in public funds, and you have a small mouth, small mouth, he also left much of the public funds less than a nibble. When a small road, one kilometer is necessary when officers placed a road, which is far more than hurt the interests of the people, there is a heavy financial burden. Lower wages of civil servants, and it does not matter?

meizitang botanical slimming Material: the amount of tea, chrysanthemum 5. Practice: the material with hot water, on behalf of the tea. Efficacy: to help digestion, effectively stimulate the body's metabolism and accelerate the decomposition of belly fat. 6 Peach slimming tea Ingredients: 4 g dry peach, melon kernel 5 grams, 3 grams poplar skin. Method: Put all ingredients into the cup, with boiling water, cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Brew can be repeated four times. Efficacy: can abdominal fat digestion, but also to get rid of dark spots on the skin. 7 pure lotus leaf slimming tea Ingredients: 1 package lotus leaf. Practice: the lotus leaf into a cup, imported water, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.

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